Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What is the ODE Performance Audit?

The Ohio Department of Education(ODE) decided to send their Auditors to the Anthony Wayne School District(AWSD). Why? They believed there were problems. What did they find? Many, many problems. The ODE Performance Audit is an extensive audit into the financial & management processes of the AWSD. It identifies in detail problems from all financial and management aspects. It then makes detailed recommendations for the correcting of these problems. The audit recommendations are to assist the AWSD get back on track with the financial & management requirements, many state mandated. Yet the Board and Administration continue to thumb their noses at the audit and recommendations. Why? Are they that stubborn or arrogant? Why do they feel the AWSD is so special that they don't have to adhere to the ODE guidelines and criteria? Why do they believe they know what's better for OUR kids than the ODE and the voters? When are they going to do what the tax payers continue to tell them to do? No means NO! The Superintendent continually states that the NO voters don't understand. This ODE Performance Audit clearly shows THE SUPERINTENDENT doesn't understand how to manage a school system.

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