Thursday, October 2, 2008

Super conveniently forgets FT Mall $$$$$

When asked more than once, the Superintendent has always stated that their budget forecasts have included the $3-5 million dollars being brought into the AWSD by the new FT Mall. Interesting. The ODE Auditor findings have determined differently. The Auditor faults the Administration for FORGETTING to include this money in their forecasts. Now just how do you forget to include several million dollars in new tax revenue? Yes - you guessed it. You DON'T. And if you do forget, then you should be fired for fiscal irresponsibility. Is this what we are paying this Administration and Board to do? Then you have to ask yourself, just what else did they forget to include? You can bet there is much more. Please remember that this is NOT my opinion. This is fact as determined by the extensive audit findings of the Ohio Department of Education.

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