Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everyone needs to be concerned, especially AW Staff.

If you are a member of the AW Staff, I couldn't imagine you would not be concerned with the ODE Auditor findings in the ODE Performance Audit. If any teacher or staff member is NOT concerned with the negative audit findings, I can only hope you are NOT teaching my child. You are not the positive example I expect from a teacher being paid by my tax dollars. Money is clearly MORE important to you than teaching and we do NOT need you. And if you get upset at ME after reading this blog, you are truly hopeless. I did NOT perform the audit. I did NOT write the negative findings - all 100+ pages of them. The ODE did. Sticking your head in the sand and hoping for a raise is not a very responsible and educated thing to do. If my company had an audit performed with so many negative findings, I would be greatly concerned. I would be concerned for my immediate and future financial well being. By NOT fixing these financial problems, YOUR welfare and raises are at risk. A company is only as strong as it's financial statement which in the end results directly affects ones' pay. If you are a teacher and believe you are exempt from the real world, you should guess again. Secondly, if you are a teacher, I applaud you for a superior job done. The negative findings are NOT against any teacher or their performance. The multitude of negative findings are clearly identified against the Superintendent and the Board. They simply are NOT doing their job in accordance with ODE regulations and guidelines. Again, NOT my opinion, but fact per the ODE Performance Audit findings. You demand excellence in your classrooms. Why don't you demand the same from your superiors and the Board? They are but a few. You are many. They are not doing their jobs. You are. In the end, you will not escape the failures of the Superintendent and the Board. This is what this audit explains in great detail.

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