Saturday, October 4, 2008

AW uses data prepared by inhouse novice.

With all due respect to the person that the Administration uses in an attempt to counter ODE Audit data - he is not qualified to do so. Firstly, this person is a staff member in the AWSD. This obviously creates a conflict of interest and bias towards data in support of any levy. When I asked the Superintendent what qualifications this person had in preparing highly detailed audit findings, he stated none. When I asked if this person had performed any previous audits in the AWSD or elsewhere, he stated none. When I asked if this person had any training what-so-ever to perform detailed audit data, he stated none. So the Superintendent wants the AW community to believe data compiled by their staff person with absolutely no background, experience or training compared to highly trained, skilled, certified and seasoned Ohio Department of Education(ODE) Auditors that do nothing but audit hundreds of school systems per year. That would be like having the neighbor kid perform brain surgery on you compared to a tenured certified brain surgeon. Which would you rather believe or trust?

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