Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What does it all mean?

After several years of failed levy tries and threats of massive cuts, you have to ask yourself some key questions. Were any students affected negatively by the cuts? NO! Student state test scores actually went up according to The Blade and the AW Super. Were there massive staff layoffs? NO! Did the buses stop running? NO! Did we waste $150,000 in levy tries? YES! Did the Super and Board succeed in wasting people's time and gas by having to go to the polls repeatedly, making signs, etc.? YES! All for what? Not one thing. The community stood firm in their belief that the school system just didn't REALLY need additional funds at this time. The community made their voice clear to the Super and Board. They told them to make cuts. These were some of the same cuts identified by the ODE Audit as I have repeatedly quoted. What a waste of time and energy by the Super and Board. We can only HOPE that they have learned something. As a community, we must make one last statement to them. Please do NOT waste our time in the future by crying "wolf". Until then, we will continue to watch for fiscal responsibility in OUR school system.

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